Balanced Life Planner by Julie Morgenstern

World-renowned organization expert, best-selling author, speaker and consultant Julie Morgenstern has partnered with Boundless Notebooks to create simple systems to help you stay on task and ahead of the game - at work and at home. Her cutting edge advice has been featured on programs from The Oprah Winfrey Show to Good Morning Americaand NPR, and she is regularly featured in a variety of print magazines and publications, including Forbes, Harvard Business Review, and The Wall Street Journal.

Product Features

  • Paper planning forces a necessary screen break which allows access to deeper parts of the brain.
  • Separate sections for Work vs. Home and Do vs. Call, enables task batching to boost efficiency.
  • Time estimating column helps you plan realistically and consider the value of each task before committing to it.
  • 4 D column (Delete, Delay, Diminish, Delegate) encourages streamlining to avoid spending time on the unnecessary.
  • Free Space section provides a blank, lined section of each day to customize and use as you wish.
  • Time slots from 7am - 11 pm provide ample space for planning both professional and personal time which combats the subliminal message that planning is only for work, and improves balance.
  • Coaching messages embedded on every page whisper reminders to focus on what matters and plan tomorrow + 2 (a 3 day planning arc that enhances productivity).
  • Boundless's rearrangeable page format makes it easy to switch things around when your plans change.

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