Taking Notes in Class? Trying Rearranging

Taking Notes in Class? Trying Rearranging

We’ve all been there: you’re in class, madly scribbling down notes as fast as your wild-haired professor can speak. She emphasizes a point with a hastily drawn diagram on the board. Is that a graph of something over time, or… a frog? Your pondering gets cut short as she backtracks to a topic from ten minutes ago. Great — you didn’t leave any space in that section of your notes, so you resort to a big scribbly arrow and the hope that you can make some sense of all this later.

Sound familiar? Thought so. As you’ve probably learned the hard way, notes aren’t much good if they’re not well-organized. And, despite paper’s proven benefits over digital notes for information retention, traditional notebooks aren’t exactly prone to reorganization.

Luckily, modern design has made it possible to have your paper cake and eat it, too. (Sorry, all the more appetizing metaphors were taken.) Rearrangeable notebooks like Boundless are made to be written in, ripped apart, and pieced back together in a way that makes sense to you, not to whatever convoluted order your prof decided to lecture in.

What’s more, reorganizing is a fantastic way to increase your comprehension and material retention. New data coming out shows that the old tricks your grandma used (bless her soul) like highlighting and rereading are both a time suck and flat out ineffective, according to the Association for Psychological Science. Instead, simply taking a few moments to reorganize your notebook to better catalog the information ends up in better cataloguing in your brain, too.

What’s more, even the best note-taking organization systems are inherently flawed. That’s to say, truly effective systems of organization information should be dynamic and constantly evolving. With a customizable notebook like Boundless, you can rearrange your notes and pages on the fly. Take that, crazy professor.


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