Delight in Doodling: Why Notebooks Beat Digital

Delight in Doodling: Why Notebooks Beat Digital

Computers. Awesome for communication, saving space, and limitless supplies of cat photos. But for creativity? Maybe not so much.

Cutting-edge companies across the United States are turning their gaze back towards paper when it comes to fleshing out their most innovative ideas. Why? As it turns out, the freedom that paper offers when brainstorming, mind-melding, and entering whatever creative trance state is #trending is a lot more powerful than what you get while staring at a screen.

Of course, the nice thing about computers is that you can take a mess of information and rearrange it a whole lot easier than you can a bunch of paper. So, many experts are now recommending that brainstorming starts on paper and then gets condensed and organized into an easily storable digital format.

If that sounds like a lot of work, not to worry. Some modern notebook companies have recognized the need for both on-paper brainstorming and reorganization, leading them to come out with page-by-page rearrangeable notebooks. Boundless, for instance, lets you snap pages in and out to sort them into whatever order you like after you’ve finished your mad scientist brainstorming session.

What brainstorm techniques work for you? Post below to tell us how you get your creative juices flowing.

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