Can’t Stay Organized? Try Paper

Can’t Stay Organized? Try Paper

Despite the constant creep of technology into every aspect of our lives (no, I don’t need an electric fork, thanks), there’s something to be said for getting back to basics. If we put aside the smartphones, the endless email threads, and that software your boss makes you use so you can hate everyone be more productive, it all really comes down to this: we’re just trying to stay organized.

Sometimes, you don’t need to fix what’s not broken. Want to take a guess at what’s still used by many of today’s most organized (and successful) professionals? Paper. Seriously. If you’re sick of endlessly scrolling through your “Downloads” folder to find things, here are a few reasons you should consider a change:

Nothing beats “hands on.Digital organizing systems, as sexy as they may seem, always pale in comparison to the simple intuitiveness of a paper-based system. When you can hold your documents, easily mark them up, inhale their rich scent (okay, the first two at least), your brain takes in an extra level of detail that helps you better retain information and encourages closer scrutiny.

Unmatched accessibility. There’s something amazingly refreshing about having all the information you need literally an arm’s reach away, no matter the scenario. Internet down? No problem. Power outage? Light up a candle and you’re good to go.

You can’t delete a paper trail. Know what’s more frustrating than arguing with your bank? Arguing with your bank when they can manipulate any records of mistakes they’ve made. Keeping paper records give you undeniable proof should you need to back up any claims.

Proof is in the paper. With digital becoming more and more prevalent, the value of a physical document when it comes to official paperwork is only going up. Whether you’re protecting a client’s interests or need proof of something, don’t cut corners: paper is the best choice.

But wait, you say: aren’t paper-based organization systems plagued by clutter and clunkiness? Maybe, if your idea of an organizing system involves throwing documents into the same drawer you use for your hacky sack collection. (It’s 2016, by the way — time for a new hobby).

In reality, a cohesive system of binders, folders, and boxes is still an incredibly powerful blend of organization and accessibility. The key? Making sure your system works for you. Ready to get started? Check out for all your organizing solutions.


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