Eight Reasons Why Rearrangeable Notebooks are the Next Big Thing

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Eight Reasons Why Rearrangeable Notebooks are the Next Big Thing

Rearrangeable notebooks: you know, those fancy new note taking-things where you can rip out pages and place them back wherever you want like magic? Ringing any bells?

If not, you’re going to start hearing a lot more about them: customizable notebooks are gaining popularity, and fast. Here’s why: 

  1. Taking notes quickly in class or meetings is a lot easier when you can rearrange afterwards for clarity.
  2. Customizable notebooks like Boundless let you “build your own” notebook, including accessories like sections and labels.
  3. These notebooks can open flat, or fold back on their cutting-edge disc binding system.
  4. They’re more cost efficient than traditional notebooks. Just buy paper refills and you’re good forever.
  5. You get a memory boost from reorganizing your notes after you take them.
  6. Boundless has reinforced pages so you can move them around time and time again without wearing and tear.
  7. They’re stylish – these notebooks come in lot of colors and materials, including Italian synthetic leather. (You legitimately can't tell the difference, except in price!) 
  8. Rearrangeable notebooks are great conversation starters – expect a small crowd of on-lookers every time you show yours off!


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